About Me

My name is Glenis Boulanger and I am a Rotorua resident of Ngati Whakaue descent. I have been interested in healing for several years and if a psychic friend is to be believed, there has always been a healer in the family following my mother’s line. Several years ago I trained as a BodyTalk practitioner and from there my interest in healing grew. My journey led me to experience Reconnective Healing and later The Reconnection – both remarkable experiences and I still scratch my head and wonder “Did I really feel that?”.

Glenis Boulanger

Glenis Boulanger

After a year of success using Reconnective Healing processes on friends and clients as well, I took the opportunity to complete the full practitioner training under the direction of Dr Eric Pearl and the Reconnection team of assistants who travelled to Auckland from the USA, UK and Australia in August this year. I am also fully trained in the process called The Reconnection. You can view some of my Testimonials from happy clients on theTestimonial Page.

The results of this work are often surprising and amazingly quick. Problems that may have affected clients for years may disappear almost instantly and at other times it happens over days or weeks. What I love about Reconnective Healing work is the absolute purity of it. My training has enabled me to find the frequencies and I simply glide my hands slowly above the client and feel for the changes. I don’t 2nd guess what the Universe is telling me – I just work in those areas and it’s always the right place to be.

I recommend that clients come with an open mind so that they can receive what the universe has to give them. I don’t ‘treat’ specific ailments, as healing is about balancing the body, mind and spirit. As Reconnective Practitioners we don’t make promises as to what will be achieved, we understand the Universe knows what each client needs, be it, physical, emotional or spiritual. Reconnective Healers are part of a 3 part healing equation – the client, Universal Intelligence and the practitioner. The Practitioner is the catalyst that allows the healing frequencies to take action. There is usually no need to hear about a client’s problems as this can sometimes detract from the experience or lead the healer to make assumptions that may not be appropriate. What each client receives is out of my control – but the Reconnective process promises that everyone gets something.