The History of The Reconnection

Based in Los Angeles, founder Eric Pearl has elicited great interest from top medical doctors and researchers worldwide including one of the top hospitals in the United States, a Level 1 Trauma Institute, a Spinal Cord Injury Center and a University School of Medicine.

Prior to the sudden appearance of his non-traditional healing abilities, Eric ran a highly successful chiropractic practice for 12 years. In August 1993, he discovered he had been blessed with an unusual “gift.” After 12 years of practicing traditional chiropractic, he suddenly became a healing vehicle of a different kind: a catalyst through which healing energy flows.

While too busy traveling to maintain his chiropractic practice, through his seminars and private sessions Eric’s “gift” is constantly reported to be helping people with a wide variety of serious diseases including malignant tumors, AIDS-related diseases, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, birth disfigurements and bone deformities.

During the ‘80s and ‘90s, Eric, who received his degree as Doctor of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, headed one of the largest chiropractic centers in the L.A. area. Often referred to as “Chiropractor to the Stars,” he acquired the status of both a highly successful and popular doctor. Having studied under such masters as Dr. Virgil Chrane and Dr. Carl Cleveland, Sr., Eric Pearl was one of the few practitioners who, in addition to the conventional chiropractic approach, incorporated pure, original and all-but-lost chiropractic techniques.

In both informal and clinical settings, patients (and physicians!) have witnessed the results of these healings that occur through Eric SIMPLY BY HOLDING HIS HANDS NEAR THEM.