Many people who receive a healing are kind enough to put it in writing and allow me to use their testimonial so that you may have confidence in the work I do.


Hi Glenis
I would like to thank you for my healing session, as you know I had been having serious problems with my knee, in fact I was in pain most of the time and although I chose not to give up my sports I suffered very badly for the following week or longer.  I had been to see a specialist here and I was facing an operation.   I am extremely pleased to report that my knee rarely bothers me any more despite the fact that I have increased my physical activity lately and I am back orienteering which is very hard on the knees as it is mainly cross country.   I also play nohejbal a combination of football and tennis played in the Czech Republic and  I am back to walking 8.5 kilometres and day.
I cannot believe you have sent this to me from New Zealand and it worked but the proof is my pain free knee!  Thanks again and I will be recommending you to my friends.  

Kind regards
Edvard – Prague, Czech Republic June 09

Dear Glenis,
Everything I need seems to come to me at the perfect time.  I asked for help during a time of loss and miraculously I sort of stumbled on to your website.  Reading about the Reconnective Healing session sparked my interest and I decided to give it a try.  To my surprise you were not only a delight to speak with but each of my three sessions were extraordinary.  I allowed the connection and I received powerful emotional healing each session.  After my first session I was equally thrilled when a chronic shoulder pain I’ve had for quite awhile disappeared.  It is so amazing to me how energy travels from you in New Zealand to me in New York City.  You are such a blessing to the universe and I will always be in “touch”.
Thanks again,
MaryGrace -New York  June 09

My horse Ollie has developed a fatty lump on his side, which over the past few years has been steadily increasing in size.  It is something that I have been worrying about for some time, and I eventually decided to call on Glenis and see if she thought she could help.  Over a month long period, Glenis performed 3 healing sessions on Ollie’s lump.  It has now been two months since the last treatment, and much to my delight, there has been a significant decrease in the size of the lump.  I am optimistic that given more time, the lump will disappear completely!
During the series of treatments Ollie was also involved in an incident where he caught his leg in the fence, leaving a nasty cut.  He was initially treated by the vet as normal, but when Glenis came to treat the lump, she ‘did her thing’ on the cut also.  When the vet came back to check the healing progress of the cut, he was very pleased with the amount that it had healed, and this is something that I attribute to Glenis and her healing.  Thank-you Glenis!

Jess – June 09

I’d had experience with other forms of energy healing such as Reiki in the past, so was very open and interested to learn more about Reconnective Healing through Glenis.  I have had several sessions with Glenis over the past year which I always look forward to, and always feel fantastic afterwards.  Glenis has helped me clear out both physical and emotional pain by effortlessly reconnecting my body to the amazing energy of this universe, which leaves me feeling balanced and fulfilled.  Each session is different, with sometimes very strong physical sensations and other times very subtle ones.  I purchased from Glenis a piece of Moldavite which has increased the healing greatly.  When Glenis did some healing on me while I held the stone in one hand, my eyes filled with a shining gold colour, almost like looking through your eyelids at the sun.  I was surprised to open my eyes at the end of the session to remember it was a dark rainy day, as I’d had this amazing light in my eyes and warmth through my body.  I carry the Moldavite with me everywhere now and I’m sure it helps bring good things into my life.
The Reconnection is a must for anyone out there who feels there is something bigger they’re missing out on, both physically and spiritually.  Among other modalities I incorporate into my life, it helps make me feel peaceful and whole.

Greer W

I met Glenis through beading and was telling her about a few health issues I was having, and she offered to do a healing session on me.  I gratefully accepted her offer because I truly believe that people, (through whatever means)  have the power to heal each other.  I had been having horrendous back pain.  If I am not teaching computing, I am enjoying it in my leisure time, so it was imperative that my back problems be cured.  I was on a morphine based drug for the pain, which was not helping my blood pressure and other areas of my health.  My first session with Glenis was an “experience”.  I felt a “warm energy” and felt myself relax immediately.  Within days, my blood pressure was fine and my pain was manageable, without the strong painkillers.  I had been seriously considering giving up my job as a tutor in computing, but am happy to report, I am still doing the job I love.
Glenis has given me two other sessions and I my health overall has dramatically improved since having these healing sessions from her.  I am back to beading, computing, scrapbooking, hanging out with the grandchildren and enjoying life like I did before. I don’t know what you did, but I am so much better. Can’t thank you enough… keep passing the healing on…. Thanks Glenis

**This is an update from Colleen after 18 months. I’m thrilled that Colleen’s health continued to improve over a long period of time.Glenis **

Colleen G

Sometime ago I was suffering from an unusual headache across the top of my brow…Glenis offered to help and after a few moments of her session ….my headache began to fade…..watching as she did it, it appeared she was winding the headache out and that in fact is just what it felt like.

Wendy M

I had given up hope of finally getting a period and Glenis offered to do some healing on me to see if she could assist. As Glenis performed the healing, my body felt warm where she was working, even though she wasn’t touching me. At one point, I felt like I was floating above the bed.
Afterwards I felt relaxed and calm and the following day my period started for the first time in 6 months! An amazing experience and one I would highly recommend.

Helen C

Hi Glenis,

I was a bit sceptical when you said you could help me with my headache the other day, but I was pleasantly surprised with the results of your 5 minute session. I definitely felt a change in my condition during and after your work, and my headache was relieved when you finished. Thanks.

Hugh G